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Why I'd like to cuff David Suzuki on the ear

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I know some people are sick of my ranting about wind farms. Just bear with me while I make a couple of points:

1. I am not against wind power. Wind power GOOD.
2. I am not against living near turbines. I have minor concerns about the sheep, but we'll all get used to it I'm sure, they're being careful about flicker, and no matter what system they adopt the things have to go somewhere. I am NOT a 'NIMBY'.
3. I AM against "solutions" that shove a little patch over an existing problem without considering the future problems that "patch" will solve. Don't for goodness sake force people to examine their lifestyles, just generate as much ''green" power as possible, as quickly as possible.
4. Bigger is NOT better, bigger is a perpetuation of the industrial model/mindset that caused our current problems in the first place.

I've been ranting about this for two years, and I'll admit it, they almost had me convinced to shut up. And then they started killing bats

With West Nile already a growing problem throughout the region in which the (really indescribably big) wind farm is being installed, and mosquitoes having bred wildly and often this year because of the wet spring/early summer, gosh what a great time to start killing off or driving off with radio signals one of their major predators.

How did they miss this? Well people, what do you think the "environmental studies" they are so responsibly doing are about? Actual testing? They CAN NOT KNOW the effect on the environment of these farms until they have built them and had them up for a few years. But instead of a gradual start, we have to have as many as possible as quickly as possible so our government and corporations have something "green" to point to.

All right, I'm done. If anyone wants me, I'll be down at the Human Race office. lining up to turn in my membership card.

sick sick
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On August 28th, 2008 12:41 pm (UTC), bice replied:
Yeah, Raven tells me that they've also made steps to solve the "flicker" effect (where the fins flashing in front of the sun cause rapid shade/sun alterations that can maybe potentially affect epilepsy, but also more definitely mess with prey birds and rodents and things and are just generally distracting. So what they can do is erect giant screens in front of the giant turbines, which won't break the wind but will dull flicker by evening out the shadow.

You know, of course, that a bunch of the companies putting these things up are subsidiaries of oil companies. Which pretty much settles the motivation questions right there, IMHO.
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On August 28th, 2008 12:44 pm (UTC), bice replied:
Oh hey, and (being a little slow) I just now realized - that means that the oil companies can buy Carbon Credits (whole other rant) FROM THEMSELVES!! NEAT!!!!
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On August 29th, 2008 04:46 am (UTC), heropiatedoll commented:
Dude...there's a human race office?? You mean I CAN FORFEIT MY MEMBERSHIP AS WELL?!?!?!?

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On August 29th, 2008 12:18 pm (UTC), bice replied:
No strings attached
Oh yeah, yeah - they don't like to publicize, right, because they're short staffed. But it's in that dingy little hole behind the liquor store, up the steps and hang a left. Takes about six months for them to process the paperwork, and you can expect still to be charged your monthly fee during that time, but once everything goes through they'll refund whatever your balance is... usually amounts to about a nickel and a cup of coffee.
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On August 29th, 2008 05:06 pm (UTC), freak2760 commented:
what a great time to start killing off or driving off with radio signals one of their major predators

Actually, the turbines don't do this. I ran across an article just the other day about this subject. Its the air pressure around that is created by the turbines that kills the bats by making their hearts explode (75% of the time.) If only I could find that article again I would send it to you.
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On August 29th, 2008 05:09 pm (UTC), freak2760 replied:
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On August 29th, 2008 08:11 pm (UTC), bice replied:
Yes, the pressure doesn't affect birds, bats are just really susceptible to changes in pressure. The bodies they've been finding have no external marks, just severe internal haemmorage and lung collapse. Almost nobody actually gets physically creamed by the rotors since they redesigned the towers. (Originally the towers were scaffold-style, and eagles nested in them, and I guess there were some pretty ugly accidents. But they fixed that.)
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